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Dewayne Coleman's Bio

I'm a writer of many sorts and genres; whose been writing seriously for over 20 years now. I started writing around the sixth grade--writing songs and poems. Then it was only to get girls, and for fun. Since I've gotten older; I've realized that I have a gift, and was given this talent for a reason. Over the years, I've registered my writings with the Library of Congress Copyright Office. I'm a member of The International Society of Poets. Some of my writing are featured in compilations of poetry, they've put together in the last few years: Letters From The Soul, Sounds of Poetry, and Patterns of Life. My writings were featured in the Iliad Press Newspaper; in Sterlin Heights, MI, also Champagne On The Hill Publinshing's website 2004/05/06. I'm also a member of ASCAP, (The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) because poetry is not all that I write. Songs, Scripts, Documentaries, Theories, Short Stories, and Plays; are also part of my writings. In doing so, I've been contacted by; Dorrance Publishing and Vantage Press, to publish my work. I have a song that will be on a compolation album; put together by Amerecord Recordings called, Star Route USA. (now available) I was also contacted by Hilltop Records; to be a part of their compolation album, Color Me Country.

Having worked with Sybil Fox Rich; formerly of The Fox Rich Show, Cyntoria Raye; of Imprimis Entertainment, and Tara Davis of; Infinity Productions. All operating out of Shreveport, La. Sybil's show was a showcase for up and coming talent.(now in sendication) Cyntoria is an established: writer, actress, and comedian. Tara is a writer and director; of short films, having one completed,("Trying To Maintain") and in the process of filming others. I've recently joined Kymberly Keeton and staff at Literafeelya Magazine; as Music Editor, allso Siim Einfeldt as a Journalist for The Cheers Magazine. Both are online publications, that will later be put to print. EQUANIMITY Magazine is another that I write that is released quarterly in print.I have no problem working with others; who are dedicated and focused, on making a difference in the arts. I constantly try to network, with people in the business, because I think--who I know, someone else may want to meet, and vice versa. I'm not greedy, I believe everyone who wants to succeed, I do my best; to make sure that we all do!

Late 2004 I started my own company; ParadIgm & Associates. A company based from my writings, and which will make room for other ventures. My primary focus as a Sole Propietor--for now--is writing, and mutiple forms of Entertainment. Such as; management and artist development. I represent several young men and women in nearly all the major US cities. I began recording again at the beginning of 2006....I've never made a big buzz anyway. That will all change, with the release of this album THE TAKEOVER: Enough of da Bullshit. The album is available online and in Best Buy Stores. (now only online).

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